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Turning creative passions into sustainable businesses

by providing independent musicians and creative
arts businesses access to tools, resources, and education on entrepreneurship.

Ways We Can Help!

Accessible Resources

Created by creative entrepreneurs for creative entrepreneurs. We’re always working on new tools to help others get ahead. We provide free access to online tools specific to creatives.

1-on-1 Coaching

We provide access to free 1 on 1 coaching to help you start, grow, and manage your creative business. Our coaches are industry veterans who have decades of experience in working with creatives.


Education is the key to growth and success. We provide access to a variety of workshops designed to help you learn and apply the core skills necessary to run a successful creative business.

Check out our recent blog and podcast entries!

Don’t have time for a workshop or consultation? We frequently release new nuggets of information musicians can absorb.

  • The Split Sheet: How to Protect Your Intellectual Property
    A split sheet is the document that determines who gets paid at what percentage. The law defaults to an even split so it’s really important that musicians get this done early to protect themselves.
  • When You Should Betray Your Brand, and How to Do It
    Many artists are familiar with the concept of branding and yet, only few implement and apply brand strategies. In this article, our lead media specialist dives deep into The 1975’s branding throughout the course of their career to help indie bands craft their own journey.

Free Tools We’ve Made For Creatives

Musician Split Sheet Generator

Budgeting Tool

Color Palette Designer


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